The online home for Fergus Maximus (both the band and the bloke)
The online home for Fergus Maximus (both the band and the bloke)


What’s cooking in 2014?

Exciting times ahead: in 2014 we will finally get into the studio to record our debut album. Ferg has been meeting with our producer, Steve Pederson (Producer, Songwriter & Guitarist with Junior, Carla Lippis, Max Savage, Rustflower, Charlie Carroll and … well, lots of people; he gets around), and plans are afoot. Here’s a teaser taste of some of the notes from the first three production meetings.

Notes from  first three production meetings for Fergus Maximus' debut album
Notes from first three production meetings for Fergus Maximus’ debut album

Hold on to your hats!

#OzMusicMonth – Part 3 of the List of Things That Were Spun

To celebrate Triple J’s #OzMusicMonth, I dug out some old favourites and threw on some of the recent discoveries that are currently floating my boat. This is the third and final part of the List of Things That Were Spun (click for Part 1 or Part 2).

#OzMusicMonth #21 – if Pete O’Doherty says it’s not a suitcase, it’s not a suitcase – Right Reg Mombassa? –

#OzMusicMonth #22 – Doctor DeSoto’s Chills No More EP – get onto it before the Government Crackdown makes it illegal –

#OzMusicMonth #23 – Sarah Blasko’s We Won’t Run – “There is far to go now, Let’s not waste a minute more in denial” –

#OzMusicMonth #24 – IcecreamHands’ Rain Hail Shine – Charles Jenkins still rocks with The Zhivagos –

#OzMusicMonth #25 – there’s No Cure For Love – Zkye’s voice is incredible. Brilliant, deep-fried, southern soul –

#OzMusicMonth #26 – Kate Miller Heidke likes me better when I’m not around – check out her new fan-funded album

#OzMusicMonth #27 – Paul Greene may be caught in the crossfire but I’m pretty sure he’s done nothing wrong – #RockOn –

#OzMusicMonth #28 – Alpine’s “A Is For Alpine” – “There’s gasoline in your heart / There’s fire in mine” #Kaboom –

#OzMusicMonth #29 – the first time I heard Washington‘s Clementine I was transfixed (already late for an appointment, I sat in the carpark to hear the end and find out who it was) – Keith Loutit’s video was pure icing (it’s not the official video – you can find that here)

#OzMusicMonth #30 – Extra Knusprig by 1.1 Immermann – restless, exploratory and wonderful – nice work Jarrad Payne

#OzMusicMonth – Part 2 of the List of Things That Were Spun

To celebrate Triple J’s #OzMusicMonth, I dug out some old favourites and threw on some of the recent discoveries that are currently floating my boat. This is Part 2 of the List of Things That Were Spun (click for Part 1 or Part 3).

#OzMusicMonth #11 – Butterfly Boucher’s Scary Fragile is sonic bliss – she has just re-recorded and re-released her debut album Flutterby (long story) and it is genuinely awesome –

#OzMusicMonth #12 – the live version of Yup! – the title track from Marmalade Circus’s debut album – joyful jazz/world delight –

#OzMusicMonth #13 – Jen Cloher’s aptly-titled Mount Beauty rocks! – The Dyson Stringer Cloher tour was brilliant

#OzMusicMonth #14 – Mental As Anything’s “Tents Up” was well worth the protracted wait – Greedy Smith says there will be new material in 2014 –

#OzMusicMonth #15 – Jim Moginie’s All Around The World glistens in the sun – from the terrific “Alas Folkloric” –

#OzMusicMonth #16 – Skipping Girl Vinegar‘s spacemonkey rocks – their 3rd album is coming (I’m super-jealous that they have the awesome Brad Jones producing) but they need your help –

#OzMusicMonth #17 – Drapht may be sick of Jimmy Recard but I still love him (everyone does; that’s the point innit?) –

#OzMusicMonth #18 – Diamonds for your Tea – the title track from Little Stevies’ new album which some genius described as “a handful of glittering jewels” –

#OzMusicMonth #19 – Hoodoo Gurus brilliant, Literate What’s My Scene from 1987 – #GaragePop #OzRock –

#OzMusicMonth #20 – Rose Wintergreen was one of 2013’s loveliest discoveries – check out the taphophobia-inducing video for Feet in the

#OzMusicMonth – Part 1 of the List of Things That Were Spun

To celebrate Triple J’s #OzMusicMonth, I dug out some old favourites and threw on some of the recent discoveries that are currently floating my boat. This is Part 1 of the List of Things That Were Spun (click for Part 2 or Part 3).

#OzMusicMonth #1 – Holy Roadside by The Badloves – the Mushroom doco is fascinating #losttreasures –

#OzMusicMonth #2 – The Bamboos “Medicine Man” album is wonderful. Megan Washington’s vocal on Wilhelm Scream is perfect –

#OzMusicMonth #3 – Midnight Oil’s 10-1 bristles with power and passion – check out Oils on the Water #Oils –

#OzMusicMonth #4 – FAB’s Happy People is one of my favourite 80s tunes. Stuart Day is now with The Beggars (and they are a lot of fun)

#OzMusicMonth #5 – Juno & Me by The Dugites from 1984 album “Cut The Talking” – the Horn Section is The Bomb!

#OzMusicMonth #6 – Last Dinosaurs are a breath of fresh air – Zoom is rifftastic fun – new album soon? Please? –

#OzMusicMonth #7 – Clare Bowditch’s adventurous “Modern Day Addiction” – The Start of War is a call to lay down arms –

#OzMusicMonth #8 – Seth Sentry – from the chewy-bacon Waitress Song to the heartfelt plea of Dear

#OzMusicMonth #9 – the haunting, beautiful Film Noir from Inga Liljeström’s “Elk” –

#OzMusicMonth #10 – the gorgeous DreamPop of Tigertown’s Go Now from their 1st EP –

Cat Dog Bird @ the Fleurieu Folk Festival

Hey team,

Ferg is sitting in (on drums, percussion and sax) with our friends Cat Dog Bird on 26th and 27th October 2013 as they prepare to take the Fleurieu Folk Festival by storm. The festival takes place in and around Willunga in the Southern Vales, about 30 minutes south of Adelaide, South Australia.

When and Where?

Saturday 26: The Old Bush Inn — 2:45 to 3:30 pm — an intimate acoustic set, parallel to the festival (free entry)
Saturday: Footy Club — 9:45 to 10:30 pm — part of the festival, click for tickets
Village Marquee — 5:15 to 6:00 pm — part of the festival, click for tickets

It’s going to be a hoot! We’d love to see you there,
Fergus Maximus

MusicOz Awards

Hey Maximisers,

We’ve just entered a couple of songs in the MusicOz Australian Independent Music Awards and you can vote for us to have a crack at the People’s Choice Award.

Click here to vote for us!

You could win one of 5 double tickets to the Musicoz Australian Independent Music Awards at the Event Centre – The Star (in Sydney) on Thursday, 7th November 2013 (but be aware you have to get yourself there and organise somewhere to stay).

You can vote for us once a day – every day – until voting closes (the day before the award ceremony so I guess that’s Wednesday, 6th November 2013). And you can vote for more than 1 artist each day as well.

We’d love it if you’d choose Fergus Maximus!

Third Album Season

Hey it’s 3rd album season for three great local artists.

The wonderful Skipping Girl Vinegar are about to go into the studio with the legendary Brad Jones (Josh Rouse, Jill Sobule, Matthew Sweet). I am only insanely jealous as he is my dream producer. You can help make it happen:

The sweet and lovely Little Stevies also have a new album ready. They could really use a hand with promoting it:

And Jen Cloher’s compelling 3rd album “In Blood Memory” has been out for a couple of months but ought to be better known. It’s brilliant – equal parts swaggering and staggering – and well worth your time:

What are you waiting for? Go have a listen. I’ll be writing reviews of these as they come out. Tune in soon for a look at “In Blood Memory”.


WWW – A Winner, A Winery and An (Awesome) Weekend

The Winner of the Clare Bowditch Winter Secrets tour tickets revealed and Fergus Maximus prepare for their triumphant return to Woodstock Winery as the beginning of an awesome Weekend of gigs.

The Winner

Congratulations to Mark Hardwick who (with a friend) will be joining Ferg and Andrea at Clare Bowditch’s Winter Secrets tour gig in Adelaide on 9 August. It’s going to be a great night.

Thanks to everyone who entered (we promise that the Fergus Maximus e-news will not turn into a spam-fest). Keep an eye out for more competitions in the not-too-distant future. This has been fun.

The Winery

Tomorrow night, Friday, 2 August, marks the triumphant return of Fergus Maximus to our old stomping ground at Woodstock Winery. It’s wood-oven pizza night ($35/head, 3-course set menu), so why not come down and check it out?

The Weekend

Friday is just the start of an awesome weekend. We’ll be back down in lovely McLaren Vale on Sunday afternoon at The Artel Lounge Bar and Restaurant. We’d love to see you there. Or there. Or everywhere.

Last chance to win Clare Bowditch tix

This is the last chance for you and a friend to win tickets to join Ferg (and the lovely Andrea) at Clare Bowditch’s Winter Secrets Tour in Adelaide on Friday, 9 August 2013 (sadly, the gig is 18+).

Be quick. The competition closes at 11 pm tonight. The “Signing up” part means that you choose to accept the occasional Fergus Maximus e-newsletter (very occasional; I haven’t written one in forever).

To enter go to:

When you click the link to enter, Offerpop will ask to access your information. Don’t be afraid. Facebook rules say that you are not allowed to run a competition on your Facebook wall — you have to use some kind of app. Offerpop is the app I have used to create the competition. Their privacy policy says that Offerpop will only collect your information for the purposes of this competition and that your details won’t be given to anyone except me. And I promise to only use them to contact the prizewinner and send out an occasional newsletter.

We’d also love it if you Like the Fergus Maximus band page but that’s not compulsory (and if you already have Liked it, go you!).

And the winner is …

Well the competition is closed and Ferg didn’t win the chance to sing with Clare Bowditch but putting together the video was so much fun that it would be churlish to sulk too much. If you haven’t seen the video yet, what are you waiting for? It’s fun you should be having. Check it out here:

Ferg’s a cappella cover of Clare Bowditch’s ‘One Little River’

And how could we begrudge the lovely Kelly Breuer? Ferg heard her version about a week before his video was ready and loved it so much that he immediately followed her on Facebook (he admits that his heart sank a little when he realised she was from Adelaide). You should go check her out!

But wait, there is more winning still to be done. A competition is in the wind. Details soon. But for now, why not check out the teaser announcement on the book of faces?

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