The online home for Fergus Maximus (both the band and the bloke)
The online home for Fergus Maximus (both the band and the bloke)

August 2011

7 hours!

Wow. What a weekend. Unfortunately, Jamie is out with a corked thigh. No, maybe it’s a CV joint? Anyway, he’s out for a few weeks so had to watch from the sidelines. Kym and I played seven hours out of the last 24 (with a handful of 10-15 minute breaks thrown in). For me that’s almost seven hours of standing up in front of people and singing and honking on the haxophone (so-called on account of me being a hack). And we only repeated one tune (Ray Charles’ Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying) AND we still had more material in the bag that we ran out of time for. I’m still staggered about that. Great fun and a really excellent weekend. “Well wicked” as the young folks might say. Those who haven’t yet realised it’s passe and moved on to the next momentarily cool exclamation anyway.

Our debut at the German Arms in Hahndorf was really fun. Thanks to Andrea, Lyn, Rach and Sally for traipsing up to see us. Hope you had a good night too. Some of the punters asked if we took requests and wanted Am I Not Pretty Enough by Casey Chambers. We had to pass, sadly, but we learned it during our next break (thanks to the magic of YouTube and Google) and opened the next set with it. Admittedly I was cheating as I had to read the words off my phone. That was a hoot. We figured out Khe Sanh in the following break for the same reason. Half the bar joined in and a silly time was had by all.

This afternoon we played at Woodstock and had a really great time again. A very mellow vibe today but everything seemed to sit really well. Great feedback from the punters on both occasions.

If you’ve been meaning to catch us, we’re playing again on Friday evening at Lirra Lirra Bar in Urrbrae (it’s the Adelaide Uni campus at the Waite Institute). Very civilised. This one is from 5–8 pm so feel free to drop in after work. We’d love to see you.

Hope to catch you somewhere soon,


The Effluxion of Time

Apparently it is now August. I kid you not. How did this happen? In the immortal words of a very mortal author*, “I think it’s something to do with the effluxion of time”. True, that.

So, what have we been doing for the last four months? We played some gigs (including a surprise gig down at Woodstock on the 1st of July; we got the call at 11 am that morning as the bloke who was scheduled to play had the flu); we’ve learned and performed some new songs; we’ve half-written a few more and worked on some new arrangements (I’ve finally convinced the boys they need to start singing some backing vocals; woo hoo!); we’ve chased our various children around and pretty much just hung on for dear life as the world spins around with increased speed, desperately hoping not to fall off.

The good news is, we haven’t fallen off yet. The bad … well, our awesome bass player (Jamie H) has injured his shoulder and has to take a few weeks off to recover. I’m not too clear on the details but I think it had something to do with arm-wrestling a pirate. Or maybe a ninja robot.

The other good news is, we have our first gig at a new venue on Saturday night (20th August 2011) at The German Arms in Hahndorf. Sadly, Jamie won’t be there (on account of the aforementioned pirate/ninja robot) so feel free to start casting those bassless accusations.

But I digress. Finally, a chance to see Fergus Maximus without having to book into a restaurant for the privilege. It’s a long gig, 8:30 pm til 12:30, so we’d love to have your company to keep us going. We’ll be playing original tunes and some choice covers in the front bar of the German Arms, just a quick trip up the freeway to beautiful Hahndorf. The pub is at 69 Main Street, Hahndorf.

We’d love to see you there!


* Um, yes. That very mortal author would be me.

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