The online home for Fergus Maximus (both the band and the bloke)
The online home for Fergus Maximus (both the band and the bloke)

February 2011

Attention Pizza Lovers

Hey there Maximisers,

The Junior gig last night was great. So good to see those guys performing again. And of course Jamie was all kinds of awesome (as were Mel and Beej sharing kit duties in fine fashion). Next time they’re in your neck of the woods, do yourself a favour and check them out.

In pizza-related news, Fergus Maximus will be appearing once again at pizza night this Friday down at the wonderful Woodstock Winery (7-10 pm). A great night is guaranteed: delicious, three course meal (including as much gourmet, wood-oven pizza as you want), beautiful surrounds and, obviously, damn-fine music even if we do say so ourselves!

If it’s a nice night, we might set up outside again (I have pegs in my bag this time for when the wind tries to blow the lyrics away. I’m ready for you, this time, wind! You hear me?). And we will be holding a vigil in the hopes of spotting the resident koala, Bruce. He hasn’t been around much recently and rumours are he’s been offered a lucrative appearance fee to turn up at some other restaurant. Why not come down and convince him that he really needs to support the fine people of Woodstock who have been there for him many a long year.

Hope to catch you soon (Friday would be great),


Jamie Junior

Our very own Bass Monster, Mr Jamie Hairyone, is playing Sunday evening with the wonderful Junior. I haven’t seen them play for far too long and am really looking forward to it and with J providing low-frequency support they will, without doubt, go off.

Kym and I will, of course, have warmed him up properly since we have our regular jazz gig down at Woodstock that afternoon. It would be great to catch you folks there some time but make sure to book ahead as they tend to get booked out. I’ll paste the facebook link to the event when I figure out how (writing this from my phone).

Ah, here is the link

Catch you soon,


Henley Square

Before Fergus Maximus, there was Stumbletrip. And before Stumbletrip there was Sideways Glance.

It started when I wrote Henley Square as an entry in a SCALA competition for songs about parts of South Australia. I got together with my friend Grant Shillabeer and he figured out those awesome chords. The song ended up being a co-winner in the Adelaide category and we had the opportunity to go into Mixmasters Studio and record it. Unfortunately, the session dates ended up being when Grant was away on his honeymoon (this was 1997/98, back in the previous millennium). We didn’t have any control over the recording session so I ended up recording the track with my brother Mark (who wrote the killer arrangement) and some members of Spank You Very Much, one of the many bands he was playing in at the time (Damien Steele Scott on bass, Andrew Bignel on kit and Dave Innocente on guitar).

It sounded great but I’ve always regretted listening to the producer tell me I needed to change the chorus. The song as written only mentioned Henley Square at the beginning of the first line. I caved and rewrote it as suggested and I’ve never been entirely happy with that.

Anyway, Sideways Glance the band formed out of that songwriting session. After a while we enlisted our mate Jamie Harrison on bass and the road toward Fergus Maximus really began. But that’s a story for another day.

Last Friday night at Woodstock Kym, Jamie and I pulled Henley Square out of the folder and blew the dust off it. A wonderful, balmy night was a perfect setting to reminisce:

Henley Square, 10pm Tuesday, still over 30 degrees …

This is where I belong


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