The online home for Fergus Maximus (both the band and the bloke)
The online home for Fergus Maximus (both the band and the bloke)


Beyond Festival 2016

Ferg had a fantastic time at his first festival, Beyond Fest in Canberra. He shared the bill with Lior, Megan Washington, Montaigne, Shane Howard (from Goanna), Fred Smith and the lovely Liz Frencham’s new project Paper Mouse (a duet with terrific guitarist Robbie Melville) and heaps of other amazing musicians and communicators. It was beyond awesome! Met lots of wonderful musicians, made new friends, played lots of songs, gained some new fans and generally had a ball, despite the almost Woodstock levels of mud.

Ferg @ Beyond Festival 2016 - standing in front of an almost bare tree
Ferg waiting to go on stage at Beyond Festival 2016 (he was performing at the MMAD stage on Sunday, 2 October; the only sunny day of the Fest)
Ferg tells a story

Beyond Festival 2015

Over the October long weekend, Ferg was part of the inaugural Beyond Festival in Canberra. Well, near Canberra. Far enough outside the city that there was no phone coverage (unexpected but not such a bad thing).

Ferg was travelling as PA (and support act) for his mate Dazz who was speaking at the festival. Dazz talked about justice (and sex) and making the world a better place. And did some stand up comedy (really). Ferg sang some songs and told some stories. Much fun was had.

Ferg tells a story
Ferg tells a story





This calls for more red wine (Dazz laughs)
This calls for more red wine (Dazz laughs)
Q&A after Dazz's presentation
Q&A after Dazz’s presentation


What We’ve Been Up To All This Time – Episode 6

Ferg got to perform a few solo gospel tunes in East Sumba, Indonesia. In late November 2014, he led a small team from his church (8 people ranging in age from 18-75) on a trip to visit some of the World Vision projects they support. Adelaide West Uniting Church has had a partnership with World Vision for around 5 years but this was our first opportunity to gain some real understanding of the work they actually do. The dedication and work ethic of the WV field staff were really impressive, and Ferg and his team were really impressed by the ways they are working to ensure that the education, food security and community development work becomes self-sustaining (it’s a 15-year project which is about half way through). They also established links with one of the Uniting Church’s sister churches, the Christian Church of Sumba (GKS).

This shot was taken by Ferg’s daughter, Lizzie Ferguson, when they visited the GKS seminary (the school for training teachers and pastors). It wasn’t until much later that he realised what a great video clip set this would have been.

photo 1 (2)

What We’ve Been Up To All This Time – Episode 4

To celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary in September 2014, Ferg and @ashlyferg flitted off to Sri Lanka to visit their friend Carolyn and her partner, bluesman Glen Terry. Glen and Carolyn run a wonderful resort on the West Coast of Sri Lanka called Udekki. So much fresh seafood, lazing by the pool, reading for pleasure (Ferg devoured 4 novels in a week!) and a wildlife adventure where they got to see a couple of wild leopards. And music, of course. Glen used to tour the world playing the blues. Now the world comes to him!

Ferg & Glen Terry

The shot above of Ferg jamming with Glen by the Udekki swimming pool was taken by the aforementioned, exceedingly talented Carolyn McKay. Nice work, Lyn.

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