The online home for Fergus Maximus (both the band and the bloke)
The online home for Fergus Maximus (both the band and the bloke)


What happened to January?

Our January has disappeared. We could have sworn we left it lying around here somewhere but it’s gone.

To help identify our January in the event we have to report it to the police as stolen, here are some identifying features:

1. We had our annual gig at the Moana Surf Life Saving Club‘s Wine By The Waves food and wine event on 11 January. How many times have we done that now? Four or five? Something like that. It’s always fun. Great food and wine and the venue is wonderful, right on Moana beach.

2. We kicked off our regular gig calendar at The Artel Lounge Bar and Restaurant on 18 January. Great to get back to where we belong. It’s a terrific venue and has been a regular thing every month or two for a few years now.

3. We got invited to participate in the 2015 Crush Festival (that’s the Adelaide Hills Food & Wine event, not the hardcore moshpit that the name might seem to imply) on 25 January. A great afternoon at The Barker Hotel.

If you happen to find our January somewhere, please send it home. We miss it.


What We’ve Been Up To All This Time – Summary

Wow, this turned out to be quite an adventure. For handy reference, here is an overview of things that happened in 2014:

Episode 1—rough recordings, arranging, rehearsing and a handful of gigs

Episode 2—saying goodbye to Mike Stewart

Episode 3—singing with Clare Bowditch

Episode 4—Sri Lanka

Episode 5—Walk Together

Episode 6—East Sumba, Indonesia

Episode 7A—So Many Gigs

Episode 7B—Seriously, SO many gigs

Episode 8—Meeting awesome peoples

Episode 9—Ferg’s first solo show

What We’ve Been Up To All This Time – Episode 9

After 20 years as a frontman, Ferg finally took the plunge and signed up to do a solo gig (he blames Ronnie Taheny for bullying him into it but she continues to feign innocence).

After a trial run doing a few tunes at the ARBA Blues Heats at The Gov, Ferg performed at the “Which Fergus is Which?” event at The Austral on Thursday, 13 November 2014:


The photos of the two suspects above are believed to have been taken by forensic photographers Richard Parkhill and Brent Leideritz (respectively).

The event was one of the weekly original music showcases put on by SCALA. According to the promotional blurb:

“Fergus Maximus will be performing a 45 minute solo set at the SCALA Live event at The Austral Hotel.

However, to confuse matters, the mercurial Fergus O’Regan is also performing that night at the same venue. Yes, it’s a double Fergus bill!

It will be easy to tell them apart since they both have beards and long hair and baritone voices and a mild tendency toward silliness and … um …

Hmmm. I guess you’ll just have to come along and figure it out for yourselves (although FM is probably about 100 years older).”

And it went … remarkably, astonishingly well. So well, in fact, that there is a Live EP imminent.

Ferg told stories and sang songs (that were, admittedly, also stories) and that 45 minutes turned into an hour and people laughed at the right moments and stayed engaged the whole time. All being well, the EP should be released some time in March, with a special edition version containing the whole gig to be released a little later in the year.

It feels like the beginning of something new.


Thanks to David Bailey for the photo.

What We’ve Been Up To All This Time – Episode 7 (Part B)

Like we said. So many gigs.

The Angels launched their killer new album “Talk The Talk” at Jive


You Am I rocked Memorial Drive after the opening of the redeveloped Adelaide Oval. In fact, they rocked so ferociously that the security guy achieved a momentary state of serene calm. (Spiderbait were on first and they were seriously great too).

You Am I2

Things of Stone and Wood re-formed to celebrate 25 years since the release of their debut album at The Gov (and as a special treat for the Adelaide crowd, Seven Stories also re-formed just for the night).

Things of Stone and Wood

Ferg’s brother, the absurdly talented and even more hard-working Mark Simeon Ferguson, launched his new project, a 19-piece Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra called Orquesta Mermelada, at Nexus.

Orquesta Mermelada

Courtney Robb launched her terrific new album “Into The Dark” at the Grace Emily.

Courtney Robb

And to top it all off, Ferg was treated to a masterclass in being a frontman by Mick Jagger, lead singer in some obscure little band you’ve probably never heard of (the tickets were Ferg’s Christmas/Birthday present from @ashlyferg). The Stones had originally been booked to play at the opening of the redeveloped Adelaide Oval in March but circumstances conspired against them and it was a nervous wait until October when they made good on the promise (since they are, collectively, about 250 years old). Well worth the wait.

The stones

What We’ve Been Up To All This Time – Episode 7 (Part A)

So. Many. Gigs.

Wow. It was a huge year for seeing live music. A handful of lovely memories are illustrated below.

Cat Dog Bird‘s launch gig for their wonderful “Headfirst Into The Riddle” album.


The Brouhaha (Kelly Breuer) with special guest Jenny Biddle at The Wheaty for the Feelgood Folk record label launch.

Kelly & Jenny

Kel & Jenny were followed by the raucous, joyous madness of The Timbers.


Cyclone Ronnie (aka Ronnie Taheny) performed her annual gig at The Gov.


And then there was WOMADelaide. Oh boy. Ngaiire was a pocket powerhouse (but is super sweet in person).


Megan Washington previewed tracks from her (at the time) impending new album.


And after more than twenty years, Ferg finally had the chance to see Arrested Development live. (Definitely worth the wait.)

Arrested Development

And then the wonderfully unpredictable Kate Miller-Heidke performed with Keir Nuttall at The Famous Spiegeltent. Wonderful.

Kate MH

What We’ve Been Up To All This Time – Episode 6

Ferg got to perform a few solo gospel tunes in East Sumba, Indonesia. In late November 2014, he led a small team from his church (8 people ranging in age from 18-75) on a trip to visit some of the World Vision projects they support. Adelaide West Uniting Church has had a partnership with World Vision for around 5 years but this was our first opportunity to gain some real understanding of the work they actually do. The dedication and work ethic of the WV field staff were really impressive, and Ferg and his team were really impressed by the ways they are working to ensure that the education, food security and community development work becomes self-sustaining (it’s a 15-year project which is about half way through). They also established links with one of the Uniting Church’s sister churches, the Christian Church of Sumba (GKS).

This shot was taken by Ferg’s daughter, Lizzie Ferguson, when they visited the GKS seminary (the school for training teachers and pastors). It wasn’t until much later that he realised what a great video clip set this would have been.

photo 1 (2)

What We’ve Been Up To All This Time – Episode 3

CB at Gov

In July 2014, Ferg had the opportunity to sing with the lovely Clare Bowditch at The Gov in Adelaide. This led to the most incredibly intense couple of weeks of madly coordinating and rehearsing a hastily-thrown-together gospel quartet (featuring Ferg’s daughter Rachel Ferguson, his kinda-sorta daughter Lily Wicks and the inimitable Luke Thompson). The quartet backed Clare singing her song One Little River using an a capella gospel arrangement by Ferg’s incredibly talented brother Mark Simeon Ferguson (based on Clare’s original, Ferg’s cover and Mark’s actual understanding of gospel harmony). The photo above is a still from the video taken by Daniel Ralph from PressStopProductions . It’s a nice grab, sure, but why not check out the whole video below?

Cat Dog Bird @ the Fleurieu Folk Festival

Hey team,

Ferg is sitting in (on drums, percussion and sax) with our friends Cat Dog Bird on 26th and 27th October 2013 as they prepare to take the Fleurieu Folk Festival by storm. The festival takes place in and around Willunga in the Southern Vales, about 30 minutes south of Adelaide, South Australia.

When and Where?

Saturday 26: The Old Bush Inn — 2:45 to 3:30 pm — an intimate acoustic set, parallel to the festival (free entry)
Saturday: Footy Club — 9:45 to 10:30 pm — part of the festival, click for tickets
Village Marquee — 5:15 to 6:00 pm — part of the festival, click for tickets

It’s going to be a hoot! We’d love to see you there,
Fergus Maximus

WWW – A Winner, A Winery and An (Awesome) Weekend

The Winner of the Clare Bowditch Winter Secrets tour tickets revealed and Fergus Maximus prepare for their triumphant return to Woodstock Winery as the beginning of an awesome Weekend of gigs.

The Winner

Congratulations to Mark Hardwick who (with a friend) will be joining Ferg and Andrea at Clare Bowditch’s Winter Secrets tour gig in Adelaide on 9 August. It’s going to be a great night.

Thanks to everyone who entered (we promise that the Fergus Maximus e-news will not turn into a spam-fest). Keep an eye out for more competitions in the not-too-distant future. This has been fun.

The Winery

Tomorrow night, Friday, 2 August, marks the triumphant return of Fergus Maximus to our old stomping ground at Woodstock Winery. It’s wood-oven pizza night ($35/head, 3-course set menu), so why not come down and check it out?

The Weekend

Friday is just the start of an awesome weekend. We’ll be back down in lovely McLaren Vale on Sunday afternoon at The Artel Lounge Bar and Restaurant. We’d love to see you there. Or there. Or everywhere.

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